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Learn Chinese faster than ever before using the tested and approved new method, Chinese Etymology. From April 3, 2008 to June 17, 2008, Jason Tyler Gong showed the world that the ability to read and write Chinese can be acquired in less than three months! This earned him the world record for the fastest person to ever learn to read and write Chinese. Jason has undergone several tests that ensure he is not a fluke genius and does not have a photographic memory. His secret is the new book Chinese Etymology that he used during his study and his promise is, if he could do it, so can you!

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05-23-2012: Site Navigation Changes and Updates

Please take a look at the changes we have made to the website. The top menu now links to more of the site’s internal pages by group.

Gab’s amazing achievement

My niece Gab’ (age 9 in 2009) is a fourth grader in Kentucky. She came to stay with her father in California for the Christmas…

2009 Linguistics Conference Announcement

2009 Linguistics Conference has two main themes:


The Syllabus and Curriculum of Chinese Etymology

Syllabus and Curriculum on learning Chinese language for American grade-, middle- and high-school students

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Some questions and comments about this World Record were discussed at some discussion forums. We are answering some of them here.

The Methodology

The methodology on mastering Chinese written language in three months

The New Life of the Little Red Caboose

Dear Mr. Lee:
Thank you very much for your kind letter of December 23, 2008. As a commonly accepted doctrine, “…

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